About Us

About The Founder:  The Rosaline Anizoba Foundation was founded by Dr. (Mrs.) Philippa Nkiruka Momah, in memory of her late mother, Madame Rosaline Chinwe Anizoba.

Dr Momah is a Public Health Policy Advocate, with a passion for the promotion of optimal health and nutritional status of Nigerian women and their children.


About late Madame Rosaline Chinwe Anizoba:     

Late Madame Rosaline Chinwe Anizoba was born into the family of late Godfrey Nwabuisi Anizoba, of Umubele village, Awka, Anambra state, on June 17 1934.

She had attended Queen’s College, Yaba Lagos from 1947 -1951. After her secondary school, she had worked with the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Lagos, from 1957 – 1961, as a producer of programs for women, young people and children. During the period she authored a children’s book titled “Mbugwe the Frog”.

In 1961, she won a Federal Government Scholarship to study Journalism at the University of Berkely, California and graduated with BA in Journalism, with Distinction, in June 1965.

Madame Rosaline proceeded to University of Geneva, Switzerland, in September 1965, for further studies. She built a career as a Computer Programmer/Analyst in Geneva and later nationalized to become a Suisse citizen.

Madame Rosaline was a strong, diligent woman who loved God and always attested to His faithfulness. Her favorite quotation: “GOD is FAITHFUL’’. By the power of the Holy Spirit, she gave her time, talents and treasures to be a channel of God’s love and blessings to her children, grandchildren, great – grandchildren, extended family, friends and those around her.

She believed in “encouraging others, especially women, to aspire towards better education, as this inevitably brings with it a general raising of living standards and self – improvement”. Her words to the young: “Keep on learning all through your life, it stands you out”.

Madame Rosaline Chinwe Anizoba died on March 31, 2015, and was buried in Geneva Switzerland.